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Our SaaS solutions are hosted in Switzerland in eco-responsible datacenters with an availability of 99.9%


Support and development exclusively in Switzerland. We provide knowledge bases, videos, documentations and FAQ


We organize the training of your employees in your premises before the start of production

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Our values

  • Responsibility
  • Kindness
  • Inclusion

Our company was founded by five managers who had completed a Management & Business Administration course in which they had to carry out an innovative project.
Using the tools provided in this training, the group's ideas highlighted several needs related to the aging population.
Presby's 100% cloud-based and secure platform solution enables the management of the social and professional link between retirees and their last employer.
This is how Dahu Solutions and the Presby platform came into reality.

Our executive board members

Christian V.

Associate - Marketing

Christian V.

Associate - Marketing

a reliable an inspired a customer-oriented an innovative an efficient team


la Vy d Aubonne 12, 1144 Ballens, Suisse

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